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Lucky VR, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, embodies the vast potential and exciting future of virtual reality (VR) in the gaming industry. Driven by a commitment to innovation, the studio continuously pushes the boundaries of VR technology to develop engaging, social, and interactive gaming experiences for players worldwide.

lucky vr

lucky vr

Lucky VR: Leading the Charge in VR Game Development

The remarkable journey of Lucky VR as a VR game development studio underscores its unwavering focus on creating the next generation of social gaming experiences. This journey has been amplified by a monumental partnership with PokerStars, recognized worldwide as the premier online poker platform.

PokerStars VR: Crafting Immersive Experiences

Emerging from this collaboration was the birth of PokerStars VR, Lucky VR’s flagship game. This multiplayer platform has swiftly become one of the most popular VR games globally, signifying a growing demand for the immersive and social experiences only VR can deliver.

PokerStars VR serves more than just a gaming purpose – it’s a tool for community building. It invites players from various backgrounds and locations, leveraging the unique capabilities of VR to provide a gaming experience that extends beyond conventional boundaries.

Embracing the Future: Lucky VR’s Remote Work Culture

Initially based in Toronto, Lucky VR has adapted to the rapidly evolving digital landscape by embracing remote working. This forward-thinking approach enables Lucky VR to tap into a global talent pool, contributing significantly to its continuous expansion. The studio is always on the lookout for creative and ambitious individuals to become part of this exciting journey in VR gaming innovation.

Lucky VR’s Vision for the Future of VR Gaming

Lucky VR refuses to rest on its laurels. The studio is determined to fully exploit the potential of VR technology to create groundbreaking gaming experiences. Its vision extends beyond simply revolutionizing the world of VR gaming – Lucky VR also aspires to provide a platform for social interactions that redefine what gaming can offer.


Lucky VR, with its groundbreaking strides in the realm of VR gaming, is paving the way for an entirely new era of social interaction and immersive experiences. By skillfully combining VR technology with social gaming concepts, they have created a unique platform that fosters global connection among gamers. Their commitment to a flexible work environment reflects a progressive vision and a dedication to utilizing a worldwide pool of talent. As Lucky VR continues to shape the future of VR gaming, they invite every gaming enthusiast to partake in this transformative journey.


What is Lucky VR's core focus?

Lucky VR focuses on developing the next generation of social gaming experiences through virtual reality technology. They aim to create immersive, interactive, and globally connected gaming platforms.

What makes PokerStars VR unique?

PokerStars VR, a product of Lucky VR's collaboration with PokerStars, is more than just a game. It serves as a community-building tool, allowing players from all over the world to interact in an immersive virtual environment.

Where is Lucky VR based?

Originally, Lucky VR was based in Toronto, Canada. However, the company has adopted a remote work model, employing talented individuals from across the globe.

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